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2018-01-11 15:18:20
Family Game Night Pt 2

Here's the next list of modern games to get the family together around the table.

  1. Spyfall 2: Yes, there is a Spyfall 1. Either one is good choice. This is a question asking game. One player is the Spy, and everyone else wants to figure out who the Spy is. In an interesting twist, the Spy wants to figure out the location that everyone else knows.
  2. Ethnos: Not a particularly riveting name for a game. At first glance, Ethnos looks a little bit complicated, but the game is deceptively simple. Players are playing sets of cards to trying to have a majority control on different areas of the board.
  3. Dice Forge: Rolling dice is fun. Dice forge comes with customizable dice. Basically, you can snap out the sides of the dice and snap in new ones. It sounds like work, but it’s just pure enjoyment.
  4. Love Letter: There are several versions of this game from Batman to Lovecraftian horror. The classic version features your typical princess scenario. Each player has a card in their hand, and try to figure out what cards other players have. It’s simple and quick.
  5. Crossfire: Not to be confused with the marble shooting toy from the 90’s, Crossfire is a simple social deduction game with a twist. Instead of all the players trying to figure out who the bad guy is, one player is trying to figure out who the bad guy is, and everyone else is pleading their case for being a good guy or girl.
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